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Many photographers love to shoot outdoors on the streets, next to buildings, landmarks and even in crowded places such as markets and train stations? Those locations provide great backgrounds that are way more dynamic and entertaining than boring studio backdrops. It allows photographers with a cheap camera and good lens to achieve fantastic pictures.

Using long focal lenses like tele zooms shooters will most likely want to look for depth. Roads and parks offer interesting angles. A 2.8 aperture on a 150 mm lens will bring similar results as the featured image above. It isn’t perfect because vertical lines are not straight, but our model looks great infront of a romantic and picturesque background. In reality the background is nothing but a sidestreet of a residential area in Pampanga province.

Ilang Ilang Street

Non-paved street in Clarkview. That’s where above image with photo model was taken. It looks much different as landscape with different angle, aperture and focal width.


Aperture 2.8 at 150 mm focal width.

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