Filipina Model Scout Jovelyn

Hi guys, my name is Jovelyn and Filipina Princess is my site. A couple of years ago I was working as a teen Filipina model while living in California, USA. It was a fantastic expereince for me and I made a lot of money in working as a photo model for editorial print magazines. My shots were featured in teen magazines, apparel magazines, fashion cataloges and flyers. I was really proud of myself and so was all of my family.

Filipina Princess

One of my first poses that I love to show in Makati location đŸ™‚

When I turned 19 I moved back to the Philippines with my mother. My dad and uncle both died in a car accident and we wanted to go back to our home country. When I settled down in Makati City I tried to pick up work as a female model again, but the opportunities here in the Philippines are very small compared to other countries. That’s why I decided to stop my own career as a model. Now, I am trying to build up a small agency for scouting, casting new Pinay models. Together with my friends who are freelance photographers, other scouts and TV people, I am trying to find new talents who will be able to work for international and local customers. I still have very strong ties with American magazines and publishers who are happy to cast talents from the Philippines.
When I returned to Makati and started to get into modelling again, I was very surprised how difficult it was. There are almost no fair chances for new talent. You have to know a lot of people and they have to introduce you to a fixer in order to connect anywhere. Unless you are a rich kid and your father pulls some strings, chances are very slim to be able to score a photo shoot or a decent gig. It’s so different from the USA, where I worked before. Anybody can show up for a casting ans it’s really just your talent and looks that are judged upon. Of course it helps to have a good agent to know about those castings, but they are all open for everybody.
Hopefully, I can accomplish my goal to start up a Filipina teen star modeling agency here in Makati and Quezon City. Feel free to post your comments on my blog or contact me by email if you have suggestions. So far I am still in development stage so it’s going to take a couple of months, but feel free to send me your portfolio if you are looking for work.

Yours sincerly
Jovelyn Legazpi