Don’t be shy

They have a saying: “If you are shy you die!” It’s even more important in modeling than in any other business. Many people are afraid of having their photo taken. Specially, when they are approached by a professional photographer with many cameras, big impressive lenses and flash lights. It takes courage to smile and wave doubts away.


New model scout meets with candidates for digicam samples. This is the first step to become a Filipina model.

Famous American modeling schools teach their models to look at a photographer with a camera like at a person wearing eye-glasses. It’s that simple: just imagine that person with glasses. He needs them because he is short-sighted LOL. Anyhow, most photographers are very good at taking shyness away during the first couple of photos. They will most likely show their first shots to models to make them feel more confident. One really looks good on the displays of modern digital single lens cameras. Before they had digital photography instant Polaroids were used for test shoots and real photos took days to be delivered as film needed to be processed by chemical process like E41 by Kodak. Until that time, nobody knew how well the pictorial went.
For the flow of work it’s best to look at contacts after a couple of hundred exposures. After that models and photographer are able to evaluate both of their performances and profit from insight of completed work.

Creepy Locations
Most shooters have their own style. Some work with backdrops in studios, others like trashy and morbid outdoor locations. It’s really a big field of creativity as camera angle and frame crop work wonders in connection with camera settings like open aperture. Of course experienced guys take pride in their profession and own equipment enhancing photographic effects.

garage door Clark

Some places look like dumps at first sight, but they can become beautiful backgrounds with perspective lens blur that occurs to objects behind the model

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