Bikini Photography

white bikini

Manila amateur model shot in white bikini and short jeans during casting

One of the most attractive jobs for photo models are body parts like hands, hair finger nails, etc, but the most commonly shot theme by foreign corporations and advertsing companies are bikini motives. That’s why it’s very important to stay in good shape. Go to the gym, do your running and eat healthy if you do want to do spiffy bikini shoots. Sex sells and every car manufacturer, soft drink distributor or travel agent loves to have Asian bikini girls pose for their products and services.
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Jeans and bikini

Those jobs are fun because you happen to travel. Agents will send you to Boracay, Puerto Galera or Palawan. Also there are a lot of hobby photographers from England, Sweden, America and Korea who visit the Philippines and hire bikini models for shoots. They are used to pay Western rates for us Filipina girls. For many gym-fit students it is one of their main source of income to pose for bikini and lingerie photography. All they do is create a model page on Facebook, distribute their images on Flickr and Model Mayhem. New fans and professional Likes will flow on daily basis. Recommendations will follow and increase popularity.

A three day shoot in Boracay or another beach vacation can easily make you 30 thousand Pesos plus all expenses paid. Most hobby photographers run their own websites and Flickr pages. Exposure on their pages will get many other photographers interested in you. Some models are able to make a generous living off of generous hobby photographers without ever needing to hire any agency or agent. With good reputation and while staying fit this business can be fruitful over many years. You will need to have an adviser who knows the ropes on social web publishing or a webmaster who will create a website for you. Models with Facebook fanpages and online portfolios can do very well these days.


Philippine bikini photography has become very popular with dating sites since the country is more than a classic for an exotic beach vacation.
Profile of Axi Rose from Cebu City